Answering Bible Questions, Reaching the World One Question At A Time

Connecting people to God through the internet

Got Questions was started in 2002, to help people find answers to their Bible questions on the internet. With 590,000 questions answered to date, God is using Got Questions to impact the Kingdom through technology.

In October 2019 alone, there were 9,463 professions of new faith in Jesus Christ!

So how did Got Questions get started? It all began with the founder, S. Michael Houdmann, asking questions of his own about God.

Finding God by asking questions

Michael was a pretty typical teen who grew up in the church but didn’t have a faith of his own. One week, his uncle came to visit, and it changed his life forever. His uncle would start faith conversations with him, and Michael would sidetrack the discussion with questions ranging from eschatology to who qualifies to get into heaven.

While talking about heaven, Michael realized he had it all wrong. He thought if you were good enough, you went to heaven. As his uncle shared the Gospel with him, he discovered it wasn’t about works; it was about grace.

His uncle shared that God loves people so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to be the payment for our sins. And if we believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again, then we will be saved and will live with Him forever in eternity.

Michael doesn’t recall whether he accepted Jesus that day or if it was later on during a youth camp, but the seeds his uncle planted during that week were pivotal.

He went on to attend Calvary University and then Calvary Theological Seminary. Michael didn't feel called into traditional ministry, so after graduation, he and his wife began praying and asking for a ministry that was a unique fit for him.

They felt the Lord leading them to create a Christian website where people could come and ask any questions they had about the Bible.

Thinking back to the beginning, Michael says, “I would describe the beginning as “in way over our heads.” Within one month of our launch, we were receiving over 30 questions a day. I had no idea would ever be anything more than a hobby. I thought it would be something I did in addition to whatever other full-time ministry God called me to. God obviously had much bigger plans in mind than I did.”

Seventeen years later, Michael, his wife, and over 250 volunteers are still answering questions from people all over the world.

Here are three reasons why people use Add video here

How search engines help millions of people find answers about God

People are hungry for answers, and in a world where information is plentiful, finding the truth is essential. While the internet has many perks, it can also be an intense battlefield. Unfortunately, there are many cults, false religions, and pseudo-Christian groups that have websites that answer questions too.

To get the truth out to people, Got Questions became very proficient in website optimization. They strategically design SEO friendly web pages to achieve good rankings in the search engines. That way, when someone searches anything Bible or Christian related, Got Questions is at the top of the results.

The goal is to be listed higher than the websites that do not proclaim the truth - and the vast majority of their approximately 10,000,000 monthly visitors find them through search engines.

Connecting questions to answers

With a volunteer team that consists of 250+ members, Got Questions is committed to answering all inquiries biblically, quickly, and efficiently. They return 75% of the answers in less than 24 hours and 95% of the answers in less than three days.

The ratio of compliments to complaints is well over 100:1. That is amazing considering the controversial nature of many of the questions! The team believes this to be the direct result of each writer’s prayerful dependence on God for how to answer the questions.

For more information on how Got Questions answers the questions sent to them, click here.

In October 2019 alone they reached over 6 million users!

Check out the rest of the stats here:

6,747,060 monthly users
9,238,233 sessions
13,587,739 pageviews
303,834 views of Gospel presentation pages
120,000 app users
9,463 professions of new faith in Jesus Christ.

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Hopes for the future

Plans for growth include expanding in video production, app development, and translation. They currently have an Alexa app and an AI chatbot in development.

With over 125,000 YouTube subscribers, Got Questions continually creates new video resources. But they also want to have translated versions of these assets. The goal is for people around the world to have access to this information on their own mobile devices too.

Got Questions has articles translated in 167 languages with over 47,500 pages of translated content on the website. One day soon, they hope to translate content into the 200 most common languages used on the internet.

Answering questions across generations

Got Questions has launched several other sites that reach different age groups, including:

Seek Find - a Christian research search engine
Gq Kidz - where kids can ask a camp counselor all their questions
Compelling Truth - an apologetics and worldview focused site
412 Teens - a place for teens to ask their questions
Bible Ref - a comprehensive Bible commentary

For seventeen years, Got Questions has faithfully stewarded this vision to connect people to God through the internet. We are excited about what God has in store for them!

Curious how to get involved?

Got Questions currently operates on a $XXXXX per month budget and seeks to raise an additional $XXXXXX. You can financially support Got Questions by clicking here.


Overview of Got Questions

Since 2002, Got Questions has biblically, quickly, and efficiently answered more than 590,000 questions. With over 250+ volunteer writers, this ministry operates with integrity and efficiency in reaching people who are searching for answers. Ten million people view their site on an average monthly basis, and in October 2019 alone, 9,463 people professed new faith in Christ!

Organization Profile:

Founded: 2002
590,000 questions answered
6100 FAQ archived
Translated in 167 languages with over 47,500 pages of translated content
10,000,000 monthly visitors
250+ volunteer team

During October 2019:
6,747,060 monthly users
9,238,233 sessions
13,587,739 pageviews
303,834 views of Gospel presentation pages
9,463 professions of new faith in Jesus Christ.