About GiveWorthy

We created Giveworthy to share the stories of people helping other people. The stories begin with tireless work of people in organizations who bring hope to the poor, the sick, and the exploited. Some stories are triumphant and some heartbreaking, but with every one we strive to show that amazing things happen when people use their time, talents, and resources to show love for others.

We hope to inspire, encourage and challenge you with the stories we share. A story may motivate you and others to get involved with the good work that is happening. Those on the front lines need your support; prayers, encouragement, and funds are always needed and often there are opporunities for staff, volunteers, or other ways to help.

How is Giveworthy Funded?

Giveworthy is a registered 501c3 not-for-profit organization and, as with most of the organizations we serve, we rely on the generosity of other to meet our needs. We do not charge for stories to appear on our website nor do we charge for the crowdfunding platform (Fundiful.com) that we have developed and provide to nonprofit organizations

When a person makes a donation to an organization raising funds via Fundiful.com, we provide that donor an opportunity to make a donation to Giveworthy, but it is clearly optional. We trust that by providing a valuable service, people will extend their generosity to us.

We may collect advertising fees for promotional content on our site. We will always make absolultely clear what content on the site is promotional versus what has been produced by Giveworthy.

The Fundiful Platform

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